Fönsterrenovering med ett miljövänligt kvalitetssystem  

What is "Auktoriserat Fönsterunderhåll"?

Svensk-engelsk fönsterordlista

English-swedish window wordlist

The Swedish term “Auktoriserat Fönsterunderhåll” literally means “Authorized Window Maintenance” (in abbreviation “AWM”), and its guiding principle is to preserve and maintain the nature and beauty of antique wood windows through careful renovation and restoration techniques.

Through the AWM process of restoration, antique and classic wood windows are recycled and refurbished in ways designed to attain the desired performance, while preserving integrity and esthetic of the original.

The AWM process of window restoration is as effective on today’s modern wood windows as it is on pre 1970’s windows.

The AWM approach is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Carbon dioxide discharge is minimized while the interval between maintenance is increased.

The maintenance, restoration and painting of AWM windows are certified for five years.

Weather-stripping, silicon-putty and joint compound is certified for ten years.

AWM is quality certified according to the International Organization for Standardization/ ISO 9001.

AWM is environmentally certified according to the International Organization for Standardization/ISO 14001.

AWM offers non-static specific solutions for every type of window.

An AWM authorized contractor oversees the entire restoration process.

AWM authorized companies can be found throughout Sweden. Please see our home page and click on Fönsterspecialister for an authorized company near you.

“Auktoriserat Fönsterunderhåll” is pleased to offer the following additional services:

Energy efficient windows – saves energy and money and promotes a better quality of life.

Noise-reduction windows – reduces noise indoors and promotes a better quality of life.

The Authorization Committee of “Auktoriserat Fönsterunderhåll” issues certificates to AWM-qualified companies, consultants and painters in Sweden and Norway.


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